Refined Lithuanian cuisine inspired by history

Refined Lithuanian cuisine inspired by history


Welcome to the historic house of Jurgis Ertlis. In our family-run restaurant, we tell and taste the culinary history of Lithuania dating back to the Middle Ages — authentic, refined, and surprisingly rich.

A menu inspired by history and the seasons

This magnificent gastronomic history deserves a sophisticated narrative. The restaurant's founder and chef, Tomas Rimydis, deconstructs historical cuisine and its noble flavours by combining the old and the new, the sentimental and the unexpected. Lithuanian cuisine has always been open to culinary winds from all over Europe, so the dishes that once graced the tables of influential manors come to life in the family restaurant with modern interpretations inspired by Western trends.

Just as in the past, we offer only what is seasonal to the citizens and guests of Vilnius. Along with the Lithuanian seasons, the changing menu is limited to products that can be picked from the local farmer's vegetable garden, hunted in the Lithuanian forest, or fished in the local waters.

Drinking traditions of the Old Continent

It is said that the first Lithuanian recipes recorded in written sources were beverages, and we pay close attention to them in our stories.Authentic food flavours are combined with wine — the European taste of wine became popular among the nobility and townspeople right after the adoption of Christianity. We don't forsake tradition either. In the wine list, we recommend drinks from the Old Continent, with real origin stories and farmer heritage.Local drinks enrich gastronomic discoveries, too. On the menu, you will find Lithuanian mead, beer from local breweries, and other distilled beverages.


Dinner is served from Monday to Saturday, from 17:00. On Mondays-Thursdays, we offer tastings until 22:00, and on Fridays-Saturdays until 23:00. Breakfast and lunch are not served in the restaurant. By prior arrangement, the restaurant is open at other times for larger groups.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the Old Town of Vilnius, therefore, there is no separate car park.

We care about the needs of every guest, so please inform the restaurant about allergies and dietary requirements at least 2 days before your visit. If this is not done, the dinner will be served as normal.

You can purchase a gift voucher at the restaurant or by filling in the gift voucher order form.

We update the menu with the seasons, four times a year

The restaurant welcomes small children. We hope that considerate parents or guardians will take care of their activities.

We are sorry, but we do not accept guests with pets

The restaurant is open for all kinds of celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and christenings. However, guests are kindly asked to be cautious of noise — live music is not allowed in the restaurant.

Normally, only background music plays in the restaurant.

We do not have a dress code at Ertlio Namas, but we are always happy to see guests to dress up for dinner.

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