Refined stories of historical Lithuanian cuisine

Medieval period Baroque Renaissance Enlightenment

Historical experience in a historical space

We opened our family restaurant in the house of Jurgis Ertlis, which dates back to the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Here, we continue the traditions of Lithuania's culinary heritage, incorporating European culinary winds, Lithuanian seasonal delicacies, and modern interpretations of historical recipes into our menu.

About the restaurant

"In the kitchen, I often travel back in time, bringing back centuries-old Lithuanian flavours. I am delighted when our guests become part of these journeys."

Tomas Rimydis Head Chef

Guests share their impressions

Gift the experience

Ertlio Namas invites you to experience gastronomic traditions up close. In several hours, hear, smell, and taste a part of the history in 4-6 dishes during a slow tasting experience.

Ertlio Namas in the press

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