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Welcome to “Ertlio namas” – unique family space where refined historical Lithuanian cuisine gracefully meets modern culture and technology.

Lithuanian historical cuisine is characterised by seasonality – people would serve the goods that could be picked in the kitchen-garden, hunted in the woods, caught in the river or lake. Culinary fashion and tendencies of the time were also taken into consideration: Lithuanian cuisine has always been open to culinary trends from Western or Southern Europe and national dishes of the newcomers who settled in Lithuania in the course of time have also been adopted.

Having thoroughly studied recipes found in manors and monasteries, as well as the secrets of Lithuanian “Küchenchefs”, we have recreated authentic dishes of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque epochs and interpreted them in the modern manner. In the restaurant, you will be able to enjoy meals that most probably were proudly served for dinner in influential estates and were savoured by Radvilos – significant personas in the Europe of the time.  

The house of the 17th century built by Jurgis Ertlis, the master of stonemasonry and carpentry, will allow you to know history differently – not via museums, books or guide stories. Here you will breath in, smell and taste authentic history. You will wonder, admire, discover and savour.  When in Ertlis house, be prepared not to hurry – rush does not go with nobility.  During the tasting dinner, trying unique dishes and indulging in the process, you will surely find time to communicate with the family, friends or colleagues – such moments are exceptionally valuable and will be remembered long.

We are impatiently waiting for the opportunity to share our discoveries, curiosities of forgotten history and noble quality time with you.

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