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„Lithuanian cuisine at it’s finest“
In my experience at Ertlio Namas you can really taste the best the country has to offer. In most places in Vilnius you will either find simple Lithuanian cuisine or more general European style food.

Here they have an historic concept which is different in a very pleasant and tasteful way: a must for anybody who wants to dive a little deeper into the Lithuanian kitchen.

All ingredients are local, season bound and based on Lithuanian history. Hence every course (4 or 6 courses) is accompanied by a story on the specific food and the role it played in the development of Lithuanian food culture. It is passionately explained by the very friendly and competent (perfectly English speaking) staff.

The flavours match very well, especially when placed in the context of an historic dinner. Also there is an option to drink accompanying wines (not local, and perhaps for the better 😉 ). We chose the 4 course dinner with wines, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Highly recommended, will defenitely visit again when in Vilnius.

Anthony, Rugpjūtis 2018

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