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Sveiki atvykę į Ertlio namą. Unikalią šeimynišką erdvę, kur rafinuota istorinė lietuviška virtuvė skoningai dera su šiuolaikine kultūra ir technologija. Lietuviška istorinė virtuvė pasižymi sezoniškumu: į stalą patiekiama tai, ką tuo metu galima nuskinti darže, sumedžioti girioje, sužvejoti upėje ar ežere.

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Dalinuosi ryškiu skonio pajautimu, meile istorijai ir virtuvei, aistra atrasti, sužinoti, kurti ir interpretuoti.
Tomas Rimydis

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Svečių nuomonė

“Dinner with friends”

I was first a bit skeptic of this restaurant, because I had read that they serve "traditional Lithuanian food". No worry. The dinner was perfect, all courses we absolutely delicious and the service was perfect. So thanks to the restaurant and its kitchen.

Tripadvisor, Finland, May 2017
Degustacinė vakarienė

Lankėmės Jūsų restorane su svečiais is Amerikos liepos 1d. Išbandėme 6 patiekalų degustacinę vakarienė su priderintais vynais. Visi buvo sužavėti. Viskas buvo nuostabu! Ačiū!

Skaistė Gudėnė, Lietuva, liepos mėn.
“Without fault”

Superb food, I had the smoked beaver starter, followed by beef cheeks with mushroom tart. All local fare, all excellent. Washed down with dark Lithuanian beer, which suited it perfectly. For pud, I had rhubarb (cake, jam, jelly- lots of rhubarb things!) with bread ice cream, accompanied by some mead. Recommend all of it. Service was impeccable, good explanations about the dishes. I intend to go again next time I'm in Vilnius.

Luca, England, May 2017
“Perfect time with family”

Waitress will take you to unforgettable and wonderful journey through Lithuanian cuisine! Amazing, nice atmosphere, professional staff, high quality service, interesting combinations of food ingredients, which let you to feel amazing taste! We definitely recommend this restaurant and will come back!;)

Gintare, Lithuania, June 2017
“A new twist on traditional food”

We had lunch here. tried the smoked beaver and a devine paté. The beef cheeks and desert with mead and cucumber made for a memorable meal. The prices are good and we thought the portions were more than enough. Superb bread and butter! we shall eat here again.

Vivienne W, June 2017
“Excellent–even for non meat eaters”

We passed the restaurant many times but saw only tasting menus outside and since we eat fish, but not meat, we walked by. Then when we happened upon it again just before a storm, we asked if they had an a la carte menu. They did--it was small, but we had a delicious meal of asparagus soup and catfish.

Tess, USA, July 2017
“Delicious & innovative”

Great culinary experience in Vilnius: creative and delicious, incorporating best seasonal products. Very attentive and friendly waiter who also explained the origins of each dish. We liked the idea of set menus, where the chef can realise, what he's best at and as a result, everything was very tasty and cooked to perfection. Not cheap but definitely worth it.

Lasse, France, August 2017
“Tasting menu was excellent”

We both had the 6 course tasting menu and were not disappointed. Service was excellent and the wines paired the food perfectly. Stories behind the dishes were interesting and service was excellent. Next time I probably would go for 4 course menu as 6 courses is very filling so to say but it is missing the best dish which was the lamb.

Tripadvisor, Finland, August 2017
“Namas restoranas makes a difference!”

We live in NYC so I'll say they deserve at least 1 Michelin star. The place is amazing and very welcoming. The 6 course tasting is amazing. The first course quail its a surprise and you can't stop eating it. My wife and mother in law couldn't stop eating every dish was an experience.

Tripadvisor, USA, August 2017
„Exquisite tastes, well balanced menu“

I really like this place. We chose the 4 course taster menu with pairing wines. The amuses, appetizers and courses were very well balanced. With fresh ingredients they revamped the traditional cuisine. We were 3 days into their new autumn menu and I loved it. The only thing I missed were the friandise with the tea and coffee. Portion sizes are rather small, but in the end I was very satisfied. Definitely a place to return!

EricvanF, Netherlands, September, 2017
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